PDW – Parallel Data Warehouse

Massively Parallel Processing systems allow you to escape the constraints of SQL on a single machine. Balanced data distribution across all the nodes balances workloads against CPU, RAM and IO, creating a system that is much faster than any equivalent non-distributed system.

Microsoft Parallel Data Warehouse v2 has the lowest cost per Terabyte of any MPP system. Built on top of SQL Server 2012 and incorporating the xVelocity in-memory engine, the PDW is the fastest data-warehousing solution you can buy today.

The PDW v2 can consolidate your BI workload: by running your data transformations as ELT on the PDW instead of ETL, and by using DirectQuery from Analysis Services you can put the bulk of your workload on a single appliance, and save on the costs and administration of running multiple ETL, DWH and Cube servers.
In organisations with many data marts, the PDW also allows for data warehouse consolidation: by running the EDW and the data marts on the single appliance, data analysis becomes much simpler and easier.

The quarter rack entry point for the PDW v2 is much lower than you think! Come talk to us about how you can experience a PDW for yourself.

Aphelion Software implemented the first PDW in Africa, and works with Microsoft across EMEA to help customers develop solutions. Come speak to us about our prebuilt vertical solu-tions for the PDW.

Aphelion has a team of PDW specialists. We worked on the early versions of the appliance, and implemented PDW version 1 as the first PDW in Africa. We have delivered projects on version 2 since, keeping our skills up-to-date. Aphelion has built a depth of skill, and a broad set of tools that allows us to implement faster, and create better performing PDW solutions.

Aphelion has a proprietary methodology and toolkit to estimate the conversion effort from your current data-warehouse to a PDW: we will scan your current warehouse, stored procedures, ETL and cubes, and build a conversion project plan. Our toolkit also includes a data loading and perfor-mance monitoring framework.

During a new project, or during a conversion, we combine delivery with teaching: at the end of a project, your team will themselves be PDW experts.

We can also conduct training sessions—onsite or at an offsite training location.

Aphelion is building a set of industry specific solutions based on the PDW. With existing solutions, and on-going development in fleet management, insurance, banking, mining, oil and gas, and telco, Aphelion will accelerate your time to market on the PDW.

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