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5 German habits which are tough to know

Upon going to Germany, DW’s Dana Regev discovered a world that is new of traditions. But 5 years later on, you may still find some things she merely can not understand — and most likely never will.

Created and raised in Israel, it had been just natural that when I relocated to Germany, numerous social and norms that are social completely new in my opinion.

By way of example, Germans seem to be much more than fine with nudity in public areas, they will have no issue scolding complete strangers in the road when they think they have done something very wrong, as well as for some mystical explanation they choose purchasing an affordable alcohol at a kiosk instead of spending a little more but having the ability to sit right down in a cozy club.

Admittedly, however, we cheerfully embraced numerous German traditions into my life — from tanning in parks to cash that is paying better planning my holiday breaks, but there may continually be other practices that still puzzle me.

1. Drafts will be the enemy

Germans’ relationships with breeze are extremely complicated, it appears. In the one hand, there may often be this colleague whom insists on starting a screen when it is -10 Celsius exterior it becomes the source of all evil because they need some fresh air, but on the other hand, once this air starts moving.

They call it “Durchzug,” which literally equals “a through-train,” developed whenever two opposing windows associated with the exact same space are available. This draft is apparently very dangerous to people, as it can certainly result in a rigid throat, a mild cool and even pneumonia.

We have yet to plainly recognize the point that is exact which very simple of much-needed outdoors turns into a lethal risk, but luckily for us, We have a whole cold temperatures in front of us to learn. Continue reading