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Doctors come to terms that pregnant women and nursing mothers should not flash their babies to THC, but there is minimal to no evidence showing the negative effects of CBD on a breastfeeding baby. Food and Drug Administration, there are no approved indications, contraindications, safety precautions, or recommendations regarding its use during pregnancy and lactation.

​With the legalization of marijuana in several states, increased use for both medicinal and recreational purposes has been documented in pregnant and breastfeeding women. CBD oil, short for cannabidiol, is derived from the cannabis plant, or marijuana plant.

Breastfeeding women have been strongly discouraged from consuming marijuana. This recommendation was primarily based on precaution, rather than data.

Cbd In Breastmilk

Therefore, obstetrician–gynecologists should be discouraged from prescribing or suggesting the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes during preconception, pregnancy, and lactation. Rather, pregnant women or women contemplating pregnancy should be encouraged to discontinue use of marijuana for medicinal purposes in favor of an alternative therapy for which there are better pregnancy-specific safety data. High-quality studies regarding the effects of marijuana and other cannabis products on pregnancy and lactation are needed. In certain states where marijuana is legal for both recreational and medical use, CBD products are becoming available in local health-food stores and pharmacies like CVS. Remember that even though a CBD infused latte, or honey stick is being sold to the general public, it doesn’t mean it is safe for a pregnant or breastfeeding mother.

Now, in April 2018, a new study has been released that provides the most concrete data on THC and breastfeeding in the history of cannabis research. As it turns out, only very small amounts of THC transfer into mothers’ breast milk. While many people use CBD as a safe, natural alternative to help manage a number of health issues, it’s certainly not for everyone. New or expecting mothers may be particularly hesitant before consuming CBD, wondering whether the effects of it will transfer to their baby through breast milk.

In animal studies, high doses of CBD in pregnant test animals have caused problems with the reproductive systems in male fetuses. There is also some amount of CBD transferred to babies through breast milk and could potentially affect the newborn. However, more research will need to be conducted to study the effects of CBD oil on breastfeeding.

Just as pregnant women are cautioned not to consume certain foods or use other products while pregnant, it’s best to steer clear of these products until after delivering your baby and once you’ve stopped breastfeeding. It is important to weigh the risks versus benefits for the mom and infant when considering taking CBD oil while breastfeeding.

  • There are numerous products featuring CBD oil these days, and many people are using tinctures and other items.
  • Despite all of this and CBD’s growing popularity, there have not yet been any conclusive studies about the safety of CBD oil and breastfeeding.
  • CBD is a promising CBD oil treatment to the troubling symptoms that often come with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, and could be more effective than traditional medications.
  • Remember, there are dozens of cannabinoids and there is no evidence that human breast milk contains CBD or THC explicitly for that matter.
  • Also, it’s important to note the term ‘cannabinoids’ in these studies and what that refers to.

Likewise, there are no standardized formulations, dosages, or delivery systems. Smoking, the most common route of administration of THC, cannot be medically condoned during pregnancy and lactation.